Dalmation Jasper & Black Onyx Diffuser Bracelet Stack


Our Dalmation Jasper & Black Onyx diffusing bracelet stack includes three diffusing bracelets to use with your essential oils. We paired dalmation jasper beads with black onyx beads, antique gold accent beads, and black rosewood beads so you can diffuse oils all day long.

About the gemstones:

Dalmation jasper is said to help reconnect us with our playful nature. It can help with depression, nightmares, and negative thinking. It can assist with helping us to break down barriers we have created as protection, and release any lack of trust we may have in people.

Black Onyx is touted as a powerful protection stone. It is said to be able to absorb and transform negative energy, and help to stop the drain of personal energy. It is said that it can aid in increasing our emotional and physical strength and stamina, especially during stressful times.