Fuchsia Pink Crazy Lace Agate/Blue Violet Impression Jasper Diffuser Bracelet Stack


Our Fuchsia Pink Crazy Lace Agate diffuser bracelet stack includes three diffuser bracelets. Stack them, or wear them alone depending on your mood. We paired fuchsia pink crazy lace agate with blue violet impression jasper beads, thuja sutchuenensis wood beads, and brass round accent beads to diffuse your favorite essential oils.

Citrine is said to be a emotionally balancing stone. It helps with motivation, sparks creativity, and encourages self expression. It has been said to attract wealth, properity, and success. It can help to release fear and phobias.

Crazy lace agate is often called the "laughter" stone. It is believed to ward off evil and emotional pain. It is a balancing stone and can bring joy.

Jasper is said to be a grounding stone. It can bring about comfort and security. And it can help with strength and healing.