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"Great things never come from comfort zones".  This quote and Covid-19 are what pushed me to take the leap with Pippa & Ky.  My husband and I have run brick & mortar retail stores for years.  When Covid-19 happened, we were plunged into a new normal.  "Pivot" became our catchphrase.  My days and my mind became overwhelmed with homeschooling, cooking, entertaining (my kids), working, watching (the news), and more often than not, worring.  Not only was I worried about the pandemic.  And, I wasn't the only one.   My four year old, eight year old twins, and 18 year old all began manifesting their own worries and  anxieties in different ways.  I knew my next venture must be one born out of positivity, happiness, and well being.  Thus, Pippa & Ky was born.

Pippa & Ky (named aftermy daughters) is a lifestyle brand.  Pippa & Ky is full of playful and positive messages and products that are made with love.  It is my mission to design and curate products with you, your kids, your family, and your friends well being in mind.

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